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The Horses

of Allimax Farm

Were Poisoned

This site is presented as a memorial to the horses of Allimax Farm.

Allimax Farm was a horse stable breeding Morgan horses, giving trail rides to over 3,500 customers a year,

providing horseback riding lessons for students for over 12 years, giving birthday parties, picnics, and hay rides to the public.

Allimax Farm was located in Lancaster County, Pennsylvania, located from 2008 until 2013 near Columbia, in West Hempfield Township.


On March 21 and 23, 2013, someone poisoned our horses.

At noon of March 23, the owners closed the business

 to spare the innocent horses any more pain and suffering.

The horses did nothing to deserve this catastrophe.

Fourteen (14) horses died, and also four unborn foals died with their mothers.

This site is a memorial to those 18 horses who died from being poisoned, all of whom we loved.


We pray daily that someone in authority will investigate this criminal act

and find the people who poisoned the horses.

To date, this has not happened.

Sign the petition for justice.

Petition for Justice

Please post this site address to your favorite social media page. Help in any way you can.


There is a war against animal ownership and animal enterprises in America.

These activists (terrorists) target and attack the farmers, breeders, and animal owners one by one.

The activists want to force vegan-ism and animal liberation on everyone in America.

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