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Allimax Farm Morgans

(Be warned: Some of these pictures are graphic and disturbing.)

 For 30 years, Joseph Meyer developed a Morgan Horse breeding program, and finally,

it all came together. He had gone to Texas, and bought the Questor Morgan family

from the Lloyd and Marie Robinson.


Questor was a big stallion in every way. He was 16 hands, one of the tallest and strongest built Morgan Stallions.

He was burly, tough, intelligent, and took your breath.

He passed these traits on to his offspring including his biggest, his daughter Ruby.


Ruby was 16.2 hands, heavy, strong, and tough, the biggest Morgan mare in the world.

Her daughter, Jewel, was the same at 4 years old.


Liberty, Ruby's second daughter, carried these same traits, and had a really sweet personality.

The poisoner knew the horses, and targeted this Morgan horse family,

destroying them all.

This priceless line is gone forever.



When I first saw Ruby, I was looking for a stallion. Lloyd and Marie showed me his horses, and he had two stallions

I could choose from, both amazing Questor sons. But, when I saw Ruby, I literally lost my breath.

She was huge, she was bright chestnut, and had a gorgeous flaxen mane.

As we sat at the dining room table, Lloyd asked me which stallion I liked best.

I answered, "Ruby."

Lloyd said, "She is not a stallion."

I said, "I know, but I want to buy Ruby."

She was four years old, unbroke, tough, hard to handle. It took me a year to get her trust.

I couldn't make her understand that all I wanted from her was her trust and affection, until

I took a chair and a book, and sat in her paddock and read for hours. Gradually she came over to see what I was doing.

Soon, I could walk with her. Then I could touch her while we walked. Then I could lead her, and move her about,

just with my light touch. She was ready to train. I began to bridle and saddle her,

and she would get so anxious that the sweat would drip off her. You can't train a horse when they are that scared.

So, I trained her to carry harness, and to pull a tire. The minute she felt weight behind her, she knew her purpose.

 I hitched her with a Percheron mare, and we began to go for drives. For a year, she pulled a carriage, and a ride wagon,

always hitched with a draft horse, but was scared of the saddle.

How could I make her understand what riding was all about?

I moved her to a front stall, so she could see the children coming every day for lessons.

She watched her herd mates get groomed, saddled, and ridden every day. Suddenly, she got it, she understood, and let me know she was ready.

The next day we were doing trail rides. I rode her for six years, and loved every ride.

Below, Ruby at rest in pasture, riding, and hitched to our ride wagon with a gray Percheron mare.


Early on the morning of March 21, 2013, Ruby was poisoned and died that evening. At 11 am, she as gasping for breath and had foam coming from her nose. She died at 5 pm. She was in foal to Tarragon, due to give birth in May.



Allimax Jewel

Jewel was a miracle. She was a daughter of Black Ayr Jo, born on father's day, 2007, she was so big, it was a difficult birth assisted by Joe, she was born, and thrived. She grew steadily until at 4 years old, she was well over 16 hands.


Early on the morning of March 21, 2013, Jewel was poisoned and died that night. She was in foal to Tarragon due to give birth in June.


Allimax Liberty

Liberty was the first foal of Tarragon from the Questor family. She was born on July 4, 2011.

She was the best of both families, and had to be hidden from our customers,

because they all fell obsessively in love with her style, spirit and beauty.

Liberty was poisoned and died on the morning of March 22, 2013.



Allimax Tarragon

Tarragon was a Morgan Stallion, line bred to the World Champion Stallion Van Lu Starbuck. Tarragon was born in 2007,

Tarragon was the sire of all of our foals for the past four years. He was poisoned, lingered, and died in early summer, 2013.


Allimax Black Velvet

Black Velvet was a daughter of Royal, another Questor daughter. She was born in March, 2007.

She was poisoned on March 21. She struggled so hard to survive, but died on March 22, 2013.

  Allimax Black Velvet as a yearling

Allimax Black Velvet, poisoned and dying.        

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